Hypnobirthing- as seen on the Today show and used by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge- if it's good enough for Royalty, it's good enough for you!

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I'm happy to welcome you to Birthing for You. I am a Registered Nurse/Midwife and a Hypnobirthing Practitioner with a passion for supporting and educating expectant parents. Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant families, full of new experiences, whether you have been here before or this is your first pregnancy. 


You are often exposed to a lot of information and it can be challenging to find your own voice in decision making. Birthing for You is here with you on your journey to parenthood, offering both the Positive Birth and Positive Cesarean Birth antenatal classes. 

It can be an overwhelming experience when you find out you are pregnant (whether it is the first time or you have given birth before), and there is a lot of information available that can make decision making challenging. 

Labour is a transformative experience, where we move from pregnancy to parenthood, but many of us are fearful about birth. Hypnobirthing gives women and their birth partners the tools and knowledge to release that fear and feel empowered to make birth decisions that are right for them.

what is positive birth?

Positive birth is a philosophy of birthing that integrates techniques to release fear and condition our body to release endorphins in childbirth.


YES! Positive birth is hypnobirthing. It is the Hypnobirthing Australia Program. Please click below to find out more about Hypnobirthing Autralia.


Hypnobirthing is a set of techniques that allow you to achieve a calm, positive birth, where you are in control. 


The hypnobirthing techniques and skills you will learn in the positive birth classes, will help you prepare and understand labour and birth. They are also skills that can assist you through life and the 4th trimester.

Positive Birth Classes

Positive Cesarean Classes

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