Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnobirthing/Positive Birth?

At its heart, the philosophy of hypnobirthing is about having a positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing provides mothers and their birth partners with the skills and knowledge to have a positive and empowered birth. The hypno component is a set of self-hypnosis skills that will allow you to release fears and have a calm labour. Your practice will help you reach a deep state of relaxation that will help your body relax and open during labour. You are still aware of what is happening around you but you will be able to choose to zone in or out to these distractions and focus on your amazing birth as it is happening. The other aspects of the course will teach you about the physiology of labour, how your muscles work in labour as well as the unique and powerful hormones that work within your body to birth, bond and nurture your baby. This is just as important as the hypnotherapy elements. You will build your understanding of how physiological birth functions and gain confidence that your body will work to deliver your baby to you. If physiological birth is not an option for you, hypnobirthing will allow you to integrate your knowledge and skills to ensure your birth is positive and empowering no matter where your birth takes you.

How will this course help me?

This course will give you the tools and knowledge to go into birth prepared and excited for this part of parenthood. There are both practical and theoretical components which are taught face to face, and there is some home practice required to ensure you are familiar with the techniques and can access them when you need them. The skills include self-hypnosis and deep relaxation. Skills learnt in the classes will assist you not only in labour, but in other areas of your life as you transition to parenthood. If you are well prepared, hypnobirthing can help you own your birth experience.

How are the classes structured and what is the cost?

Regular group and private classes are both available through Birthing for you. You can choose to join a small group class over 4 weeks or you can elect to have Pippa run these for you in your home as private classes. If you cannot attend all scheduled group classes, there is an option to attend half group and half private classes but these are subject to availability. Course Fees Hypnobirthing Australia- Positve Birth Course: Small group course (4 x 3 hour classes) $500 Private course (4x 3 hour classes) $850 Half group/half private $730 Positive Caesarean Birth Course - Private only $400

What is included in the course fee?

Irrespective of which course you book in to you will will receive your own parent folio which includes: Information on the course All the scripts you will need for preparing for birth Relaxation techniques Downloadable folio materials, including MP3 of brith and relxation tracks You will also have an experienced childbirth educator to help you build confidence in using the tools in the folio while you learn about the physiology of labour and birth.

Who can attend these classes?

Classes are open to all expecting parents and support persons/pets, however due to venue restrictions, some classes may require restricted numbers. Birthing for you knows that expecting parents are not always the ones carrying the baby. Surrogate and donor parents are all welcome in classes and Birthing for You has a zero tolerance rule for discrimination of any kind. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding who can attend classes at birthing4you@gmail.com or 0418491281. We look forward to welcoming everyone on this exciting journey.